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    The grounding splitter allows you to convert 2 cables into 1 single bayonet (male) point, mostly used to connect multiple grounding products to an earthing rod. (Alternatively, you can also connect a distribution box with a standard pin to an earthing rod for multiple connections).

    A splitter will also fit into other splitters. As such 2 splitters connect 3 items, etc..., so you can create the system that works best for you.

    Note: all sheets, pillowcases, mats, and blankets are delivered with a grounding plug (adapter) to connect to a grounded wall socket. Per plug (adapter), you can add 2 product cables. And you can use a grounded extensions cord (regular) to connect more grounding plugs to 1 wall socket, or our grounding distribution box with a standard pin that brings no live wires close to your bed or grounding spot.