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    The Radiation Tester can measure both electrical and magnetic radiation at the same time.

    Effectively measure the electromagnetic radiation (EMF) from your house wires, electrical appliances, computers, monitors, electric stove, microwave, routers, modems, ...

    Measurements up to 3500 MHz (3.5 GHz)

    Check, for example, in your bedroom or at your workplace if electrosmog is present and if this can be harmful to you.

    Note: to efficiently measure your own body voltage when grounding (and see the difference without grounding) use the Body Voltage Meter

    When the test result exceeds the safety margins, an automatic sound and light signal will be emitted.

    The safety thresholds are set as follows (according to current building biology standards):

    - Electric radiation: alarm from 40V / m (Volt per meter)
    - Magnetic radiations: alarm from 0.4 μT (Microtesla)