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    With this convenient earthing distribution box with a standard connection cable (with pin), you can connect up to 4 standard connection cables of all grounding products. This works with all grounding products.


    • Avoid a cluster of cables to your wall socket(s)
    • Add an extra 5m to your standard connection cable(s) from your grounding item

    You can add 1 or more extra grounding products to this handy grounding box by adding 1 or more additional splitters (see image).

    The cable with pin goes into:

    • A grounding adapter (comes with every order) into a grounded wall socket
    • The cable of an earthing pin, if you decide to use this box instead of splitters to connect more than 1 grounding products.
    • The 12-meter extension cable if you need more length to the grounded wall socket.

    Use the Distribution box with Alligator Clip instead if you want to connect all to a pipe of your central heating (if no well-grounded wall socket is present). These pipes are always grounded through the kettle/burner.

    Both the cable with alligator clip and the standard cable with pin fit on the snap pin of this distribution box.