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    FAQ - General Questions ( and Answers )

    What is a Radiation Shield for in bed?

    A Shielding™ radiation shield for in bed is a lightweight sheet made of 100% antiviral and antibacterial silver yarn that you attach to your duvet with the supplied Velcros. Your own duvet cover will then still go around it.

    The Shielding radiation shield blocks 99.999% of all known radiation that can reach your body in your sleep and could disrupt your sleep and health. There are 3 sizes available according to the width of your duvet.

    It is also grounded so you can enjoy the health benefits of grounding as well (more info on grounding your body at Aarding.org)

    Why use a Radiation Shield in bed?

    At night, your body switches from your orthosympathetic to your parasympathetic nervous system, which is more sensitive and more focused on recuperation and recovery of your body.

    This process can easily be disrupted by all kinds of electrosmog that is present in your bedroom (4G, 5G, Wifi, also from neighbours, electrical wiring and appliances, high voltage, bed motors, smart meters, home automation, ...).

    The Shielding™ Radiation Shield ensures that these disruptors of your sleep and your deep healing sleep are almost completely (99.999%) blocked from your body. In this way you obtain the most natural environment to allow your body to recover optimally and to recover to a fitter and more vital day afterwards.

    What is the Best Anti Radiation Shield for Bed?

    After years of experience in grounding the body (aarding.org) we developed a unique, affordable and the most efficient Radiation Shield currently available on the market.

    The Shielding™ Radiation Shield consists of 100% silver yarn that, in addition to virtually blocking all known and harmful radiation that can disturb your night's sleep, also ground your body extra when touched.

    The radiation shield is primarily grounded to neutralise its own captured (and easily measurable voltages), which also provides an additional grounding effect for your health.

    Can a Shielding Radiation Shield block 5G radiation?

    In addition to all existing harmful radiation that can disrupt your night's sleep (4G, 5G, WiFi, also from neighbours, electrical wiring and appliances, high voltage, bed motors, smart meters, home automation, ...), a Shielding Radiation Shield made of 100% silver yarn also blocks completely (99,999 %) all current 4G and 5G radiations from your body due to its exceptional neutralising frequency range.

    In this way you achieve the healthiest climate in your bedroom so that you can enjoy an optimally healing and restorative sleep again.

    How do I use a Shielding Radiation Shield in bed?

    The Shielding Radiation Shield comes with pre-assembled and self-adhesive Velcro on the 4 corners to be able to mount it on top of your duvet.

    Your own duvet cover then fits perfectly around it.

    There are 3 sizes available according to the width of your duvet. Make sure that your chosen size falls within the dimensions of your duvet so that you can attach everything properly.

    With the supplied cable you connect the Radiation Shield to an earthed socket so that it can neutralise its own collected voltage, but also your own body tension when touched. In addition to the shielding effect of all the electrosmog on your body, you also enjoy the many effects of grounding of your body (more about grounding your body on our siteaarding.org).

    For an extra comfortable connection, you can also use the Smart Connection Set that allows you to connect a coiled cord (instead of the supplied straight cord (5m)) to an earthed junction box. You can also connect other (earthing) products to this (earthing sheet, earthed pillowcases). The coiled cord never falters and tangles, which gives extra comfort.

    What is the difference between Shielding and Grounding (Earthing)?

    When using a Shielding Radiation Shield you bring a 99.999% radiation-blocking screen between your body and the various radiation sources that can reach your bedroom (4G, 5G, Wifi, also from neighbours, electrical wiring and appliances, high voltage, bed motors, smart meters, home automation, …).

    When using a Grounding Product (eg an earthing fitted sheet or mat, an earthing pillowcase, etc…) you ground your body by making a physical connection with the earth. This allows the natural and very beneficial earth electrons to reach you that de-stress your body all night long, anti-oxidize it, improve your blood circulation and have an anti-inflammatory effect onyx entire system.

    Grounding and Shielding work very well together and complement each other perfectly to completely neutralise your own tensions but also the external tensions that your body receives, for an optimal night's sleep.

    A Shielding Radiation Shield is also grounded so that it does not transmit its own captured voltage to you. When you touch it (it’s placed on top of your duvet and under your own duvet cover) you then receive extra grounding benefits. You can never be too much grounded. Preferably 24 hours a day, our natural state, as we have already done for thousands of years and have evolved with.

    Note: You can find more information about grounding your body on our siteaarding.org

    Is my body also grounded with a Shielding Radiation Shield?

    AShielding Radiation Shield primarily ensures that all harmful radiation (electrosmog, EMF’s) cannot reach your body. It is also grounded so as not to transmit its own captured voltage to you. This is unique on the market and essential to shield your body perfectly without tension.

    Since it is mounted on top of your duvet, and under your own duvet cover, you only touch it sporadically. This is fine because then you experience an extra healing grounding effect for your body, but it is not sufficient to ground yourself continuously. For this you need an earthing sheet or mat (or by using a grounding pillowcase) that you lie on and make good contact with your body.

    It is best to ground your body by lying on an earthing sheet or mat (or by using a grounding pillowcase) and thus obtain good contact with your body.

    An earthing sheet with silver thread (5%) has enough cotton (95%) as a buffer to protect the silver thread from oxidation by the acids and salts in your perspiration.

    The Radiation Shield with 100% silver thread does not have this buffer and is therefore only used on top of your duvet, where it can serve as a shield to keep all known radiation out of your body. It can be perfectly combined with an earthing sheet on which you lie (and/or an earthing pillowcase) for an optimal healing and restorative night's sleep.

    Note: You can find more information about grounding your body on our site Aarding.org

    My head seems still unprotected. Will I receive radiation?

    A grounded Shielding™ radiation shield ensures that all harmful electrosmog is blocked from your body up to 20 cm around the shield (also partly due to its grounding). Your head is also in this perimeter. For extra protection (and also extra grounding) you can also use a grounding sledge with your radiation shield.


    More info in. Earthing can be found on our other site:aarding.org

    How do I wash my Shielding Radiation Shield?

    A radiation shield consists of 100% antibacterial silver yarn and is hardly touched directly by the human body as it is placed on top of your duvet and under your own duvet cover. Therefore, it hardly needs to be washed, as the silver thread is self-disinfecting. In fact, washing is not necessary at all unless something happens that stained it.

    Then wash it like any normal earthing sheet: at 40°, only with a mild detergent for coloured laundry. Never wash it with white laundry detergent as this contains bleach and makes the silver less protective and non-conductive.

    So never use bleaching agents, fabric softeners, anti-limescale agents (Calgonit), natural soap nuts (Sapindus, Green Soap,...). These will attack the silver yarn too.

    Preferably do not tumble dry but air dry to prevent faster wear, as with any other sheet. If necessary, you can iron at a lower temperature.

    Can everything be connected to one wall socket?

    Yes of course. You can easily attach all your shielding and earthing products to 1 socket. You can already connect 2 products to the grounding with the supplied plug adapter that comes with your Radiation Shield.

    You can use your own grounded extension box to connect several products. Be aware that you then bring electrical voltage (unnatural alternating current on the cord itself) closer to your bed. To avoid this, we developed a voltage-free and handy distribution box that only connects to the grounding of your socket:


    For the radiation shield, this junction box is available with a coiled cord, which is more convenient and less likely to tangle than a regular cable:


    You then use the standard supplied connection cable from your radiation shield to connect the junction box to a grounded socket in your bedroom.

    What is a grounded outlet?

    You can easily recognise a grounded socket by the metal strips on the side or the metal pin that protrudes from it. If you don't see any metal, your socket is not grounded.

    With thesocket tester you can check if your socket is properly grounded.

    You can find it at the following link:


    Alternatively, you can always ground through a pipe from your central heating. They are also always grounded via the boiler (by law).

    You need an extra cable with alligator clip per earthing product:


    or for several items you can use the handy distribution box with alligator clip:


    Or you can ground directly with the handy grounding pin in the ground under your bedroom window (even 1 or 2 high). The fine discrete cable then goes through the window, which closes perfectly (it follows the profile of your window):


    If you want to ground several products (e.g. with 1 or 2 grounded pillow cases) or when you need an extra 5m cable, you can also use a distribution box with a standard pin (with the supplied plug adapter or grounding pin):


    I don't have a grounded wall socket in my bedroom

    Not a problem if you don't have a standard grounded socket in the room. There are still plenty of 100% working solutions for you to ground yourself perfectly. All super easy to apply, without any technical knowledge.

    In short: You can easily use your own grounded extension cord (also to a grounded socket), a grounding pin or a cable with alligator clip on a central heating pipe, which are always grounded via the boiler. The grounding pin, alligator clip and any grounding distribution boxes can be ordered separately.

    In more detail:

    1. If the distance to a grounded wall socket is greater than 4-5m (the length of the connection cable):

    You can easily use astandard grounded extension cord to get closer to a grounded socket. This extension cord must also be in another well-grounded socket, so that contact with the earth is ensured and everything can work optimally for you.

    You can also work with our finerextension cable (12m) that you e.g. can attach in the skirting boards, almost invisible.


    An ideal solution is to use our handyvoltage free distribution box with standard pin, so that together you have 2 x 5m cord.


    You can then connect up to 4 (and more) earthing products and go to the socket with 1 cable.

    The advantage of this distribution box is that it only contains the grounding cable and no electricity. So you don't bring any extra voltage closer to your bed. With a regular extension cord you do so.

    1. With the ground pin outside

    An excellent solution is to work with thegrounding pin, if you sleep up to 1 or 2 high.

    The fine grounding cable then goes through your window (can still be closed perfectly) and the pin is simply pushed into the ground. The discreet grey cable can then be attached to the facade in a nicer way. This gives perfect grounding in the most natural way. You can then bridge a total of 12m (pin cable) + 5m (product cable) = 17m to ground yourself.

    If you want to place 2 grounding products on 1 grounding pin, you need an extrasplitter. For 2 products 3 splitters, etc… You can instead. the splitter also neatly use the abovedistribution box with standard pin to connect multiple items.

    The grounding pin: /products/earthing-pin-earthing-rod

    1. On a pipe of the central heating

    You can also easily work with acable with an alligator clip and attach it to a piece of unpainted metal radiator tube (e.g. you can scrape some paint off the back, which may be minimal), because these are also always grounded via the boiler. As long as there is metal (clip) to metal (tube) contact, everything works fine:


    To connect multiple grounding products with a clip on a radiator (pipe), it is more convenient to use thedistribution box with alligator clip. You then also have the 5m of your connection cable + 5m of your junction box, so 10m in length, available (instead of 5m of a crocodile clip), should this be necessary.


    All of these solutions giveno loss of grounding to your body, are all secured and can easily be measured with the body voltmeter if you wish (e.g. you can return the meter after use for a full refund).

    In a wall socket? Am I connected to electricity in bed?

    Rest assured, it is also the function of grounding to neutralise the effects of electrical voltages on the shield itself and on your body. You are only connected to earth via the grounding in your socket (there are also alternatives) not the life electricity wires. There is no electricity involved at all and everything is extra protected so that you can ground the shield and yourself with total peace of mind.

    Earthing is now also used in incubators for premature babies (exposure to all kinds of electrosmog and unnatural alternating voltage through heating and measuring equipment). This gives them up to 200% more chance of survival through a better heart rate. All super safe as such.