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    A 100% effective solution to protect yourself

    Fortunately, there is now a highly efficient solution for an undisturbed night's sleep in bed:

    The Grounded Radiation Shield made of 100% antibacterial and antiviral silver yarn, woven in a diamond structure. Head and shoulders the best radiation protection product currently available, and very easy to apply.

    It protects you at night in bed, when your body is most sensitive, completely against unnatural frequencies that can exhaust you, lower your resistance and make you sick.

    You apply the lightweight Shielding™ Radiation Shield made of 100% silver yarn to your duvet, plug the adapter into a grounded socket , put your own duvet cover over it and you are all set for an undisturbed, deeper and better recovering night's sleep.

    Specially for use in bed, this grounded silver radiation shield offers the highest shielding on the market for every kind of electrosmog.

    Unrivalled results for an undisturbed night's sleep: 99.9999% shielding for all low, medium and high frequencies.

    Your bed safe from all radiation in 1-2-3

    You can place the lightweight Radiation Shield on your duvet in no time at all.
    You can then apply your own duvet cover over it.

    Choose now for a well protected night's sleep

    Sleep healthier and wake up fitter, guaranteed.
    The Shielding™ Radiation Shield comes in 3 sizes (S, M, L).
    Choose the size of your duvet or just a little smaller so that you can make a good attachment.

    Note: When you live in the Netherlands you can pay in 3 instalments without any additional cost.
    For this you select the payment method In3 at checkout.